Friday, September 15, 2006

Be specific in your job ad

The job hunt continues and the rejection letters occasionally trickle from my old address in the Big Apple. There's a hope that now that I'm a local candidate the trickle will become a drip or shut off entirely.

One request I have to employers: please be specific in what you are looking for when you post a job ad. If you want years of experience or specific experience in a certain kind of library, be up front about those requirements. It is unfair and unkind of you to not put it in the job ad and then site it in my rejection letter.

I received one note which stated that I was not selected for an interview because I didn't have experience in that kind of library. I opened up the saved copy of the job description on my computer and carefully read through it. Had they asked for experience? They had not. No mention of preferred background or experience was mentioned anywhere in the ad. This made me mad. I had applied for a job where I met all of the posted requirements and where I believed I could be successful. No, I don't have years of experience in that particular type of library. I only got my degree a year and a half ago...

I don't want to rant about the lack of entry level library jobs (though it's true) but I do ask that if you're looking for something specific...tell me. Let me know if I could meet the needs you're looking for in a candidate. If I'm not, why make me waste my time pouring myself into a cover letter, sending it with the trepidation of a teenager asking someone out for the first time, and then be crushed when I'm told that I'm being rejected because of a scale I didn't know existed. I'd rather read the ad, be mildly frustrated that I don't meet your requirements, and move on to something where I could be their ideal candidate.

For those employers who do put detail--believe me, it's greatly appreciated!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lurking in Limbo

I ended my employment at my full time job on Wednesday. That was weird and incredibly unreal. My brain hasn't fully kicked in yet that this isn't just some odd "weekend" and I have a Monday to go back to in a day or so. This after cleaning out my desk, wandering around for hugs, and all that jazz.

Now I'm in between jobs, in between apartments, in between cities and just ran out of reading material. Okay...time for temporary insanity. I'm not REALLY out of reading material but in the last week I've bought four books (none of which were purchased as "quality" reading material--voluntary disclosure) and i just finished the last one this morning. Now all I have is Neal Stephenson. More on him another time.

Yesterday was an adventure. K, a friend working for a rental company, hooked me up with a 16' truck and a car dolly--but I had to go to NJ to get it. New experience--Port Authority Bus Terminal. I'd picked someone up there once, but I've never had to navigate NJ Transit. Fortunately, their "itinerary planner" works very nicely and the lady at the ticket counter was most helpful.

K picked me up at the bus stop--rather, as that was just a side of the road sign post, he picked me up at the donut shop across the street. Got the truck and was out the door! I drove back to Queens (visual image courtesy of my boyfriend: small hedgehog at the wheel of a LARGE truck). I parked first on the corner a block from my apt...then about 20 feet from my apt (backed into that spot!) and then finally, paralell parked it in FRONT of my apt. It was creative at best, a headache at worst, and something I'll be bragging about all week.

The Blonde came over to help me load the truck. I think I'd packed more to her liking this time--the last two moves were very haphazard. This time I had boxes ready to go and almost everything packed (about 5% still kind of just hanging around). Two hours and the truck was set. I attached the lock--courtesy of the hardware store that stayed open late just for me and crawled into bed.

Scheduled an interview today. It wouldn't be the "perfect job" but it's in my field--sort of--and it would be interesting. I'm more hopeful for the public library. Prayers on that appreciated.

In search of lunch--and something else to read