Monday, October 09, 2006

Suffering a serious yarn addiction

It's approaching the holiday season--Christmas will be here long before I'm ready. I ordered my holiday yarn today though--and that is at least a start. My roommate is halfway through her Christmas yarn work already, so perhaps I'll ask her to give me a hand with a little bit of mine.

I'm freelancing--so I owe a few more gifts to people--and I'm not the "gift basket from XYZ company" type. I can do a lot more meaningful gifts that people will actually use if I can just get myself in front of my needles. So that's the goal--after I get through this weeks' deluge of "can you get this done" emails.

Anyway... so $200 later I think I have most of the yarn I'll need for Christmas. Granted I've not bought anything for my immediate family as yet--but I still have to get through their birthday gifts first.

Did I mention that I have a TON of yarn in my room? A case of the stuff--so I ordered another 75-80 skeins tonight...

I'll never be with dull hands again...

back to the warm pumpkin colored hat I'm making !!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pre-Interview Nerves

I have an interview on Thursday!!! Yay!! It's always a pick me up to be invited to an interview. It's so much like dating--putting yourself in an online dating service and hoping that your wierd quirks fit someone else's wierd quirks out there. Hoping you're not totally un-dateable. Then comes the silence...the checking of your email and phone on the hour hoping someone other than the roommate or mother has called.

Lots of practice at this one ;)

An interview is a huge pick me up though--it's proof that perhaps there is a perfect fit and to that's time to find the "look."

For this interview, I've the great advantage that a friend of mine works for the system. I've been able to pick her brain on all kind of topics before I go in to meet with them. This not only gives me inside info on the system, it also allows me to ask questions that might not be correct for an interview. Over my two years of recent interviews and numerous online discussions, I've learned that there are a number of areas that are "fuzzy" when going into an interview. Sometimes you can ask and it's fine...other times not so much.

I'm nervous, of course, and I'll change my mind on my outfit six times. And of course, it's going to be a high of 40 that day. It's October people!! 40 should be my low...not my HIGH. I'm not in the upper peninsula of Michigan!! I'll be freezing in a skirt, but I should wear a skirt.

Alright...enough library stuff for the evening...I'm going to do another post on my knitting obsession and then get back to the hat I'm working on right now.