Monday, October 09, 2006

Suffering a serious yarn addiction

It's approaching the holiday season--Christmas will be here long before I'm ready. I ordered my holiday yarn today though--and that is at least a start. My roommate is halfway through her Christmas yarn work already, so perhaps I'll ask her to give me a hand with a little bit of mine.

I'm freelancing--so I owe a few more gifts to people--and I'm not the "gift basket from XYZ company" type. I can do a lot more meaningful gifts that people will actually use if I can just get myself in front of my needles. So that's the goal--after I get through this weeks' deluge of "can you get this done" emails.

Anyway... so $200 later I think I have most of the yarn I'll need for Christmas. Granted I've not bought anything for my immediate family as yet--but I still have to get through their birthday gifts first.

Did I mention that I have a TON of yarn in my room? A case of the stuff--so I ordered another 75-80 skeins tonight...

I'll never be with dull hands again...

back to the warm pumpkin colored hat I'm making !!

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