Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Evening's Mental Refreshment

After work today (threw my first kid out for the day around 4 p.m.) I had the chance to wander over to the Chicago-area book talk given by the very successful Yarn Harlot --Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. For those with a yarn addiction, she's an incredibly funny woman who understands the knitting mindset, the need to knit, and the need to buy more yarn. Everyone else--she's the published author of four best-selling books and she has a WICKED sense of humor.

It was refreshing to sit through her chat--I won't call it a lecture. Stephanie is witty, funny, and obviously a ball of nerves when she gets up to speak. Stage fright makes for a better speaker though and we ended up with a lot of laughter.

There is something slightly underground and subversive about being a knitter. Though knitting has gained a lot in popularity, especially with the advent of Debbie Stoller's incredibly popular groups, there are almost as many misconceptions about knitters as there are about librarians.

Misconception: All knitters are either grandmothers or "hip" yuppies
Reality: Knitters are all shapes and sizes and ages-youngest tonight was 7, and I'd say the average was between late twenties to early forties.

Misconception: Knitting is dull and tedious
Reality as I know it: Knitting is something to do with my hands--I may never be an amazing knitter but I love doing it. Most of the people I know who knit find it somewhat addicting. You focus, you create and the joy of giving someone something that you have personally created and spent time on--it's amazing

Misconception: Only women and gay men knit
Reality: One of the sexiest actors I know, who is married to one of the most gorgeous women I've met, knits and asked me for a pattern I was working on. He's perfect--so of course he's married--and she's wonderful. *sigh*...they're going to have beautiful/amazing children.

It was nice to go out and enjoy a book lecture and I'd recommend it. It's nice to connect with an author whose blog I enjoy...

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Sarah said...

What a neat talk! A friend told me last week that she actually wishes she could knit during lectures at school because she's at her most focused and mentally aware with a pair of knitting needles in hand.