Sunday, May 13, 2007

Feedburner Question

Alright..I'm having some difficulties so I'm going to ask here

I'm trying use Feedburner and I want to pick up anyone who has subscribed previously to my blog. I'm seeing lots of ways to do this with WordPress but not so much with blogger.

Recommendations and assistance requested and appreciated.


vin said...

I have lot of information on Feedburner here :
Feedburner and Blog Feeds
If you have any questions you can leave a comment there.

FeedBurner Jake said...

Hi there Hedgehog,

Since you're on blogger, there's no easy way to redirect the current atom feed traffic. My recommendation is to promote the new feed as much as possible. Eventually some folks will come over!

Good luck and thanks for being a customer!

Jake Parrillo
Publisher Services Team

Hedgehog Librarian said...

Thanks for the update Jake...I was afraid it was something like that.