Saturday, May 19, 2007

Using Yahoo! Music for Downloads

I'm working on a very special mixed CD and thought it would make more sense (and for the artists--cents) if I legally downloaded. It's faster than trolling the Internet for random bad free copies and while, ultimately, I'll spend about $14 for the songs, they're all ones that I particularly enjoy and they'll be in order that I choose. Also--I kind of doubt anyone but me would put Anastacia, Linkin Park, Cascada, and Natasha Bedingfield all on the same CD. I could be wrong though.

So there was the search to decide what service I wanted to use. I've heard various opinions and I've seen all of the slightly sketchy looking "legal" services online. I don't own an Ipod or a Mac--so getting anything from ITunes was not an option. (I do have an Mp3 player, just not one of the Apple variety and I'm okay with that.)

I use Yahoo!Music often at home while I'm locked in front of a keyboard and monitor and enjoy getting to see new music videos and listen to the radio that they offer--so it made sense to see what they had for this particular project. I considered signing up for Yahoo!Unlimited--except for one little thing. It lets me listen to music, create lists, etc etc etc--but I don't actually own a copy of the music. If I wanted to transfer the music to just my Mp3 player--I would have to pay a higher monthly fee--and if I wanted to own a song outright--it was only 20 cents cheaper than just buying the songs to begin with. Considering that I'm not planning on downloading the 500+ songs that it would take in a year to balance the subscription fee--I'm not sure when it would be a better option.

Perhaps if I listened to music at work--something I currently can't do.

Does anyone use this service that finds it useful? What downloading services do you use?

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