Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hedgehog Announcement!

Break out the woolens, I'm moving to Wisconsin!

I have accepted a position in Youth Services for La Crosse County Public Library! I'm very excited about the move, have started apartment hunting, and my mother is making me move many things out of her house.

I had never officially "moved out"--I just went to grad school, so this past weekend was some purging of college papers, high school papers and four boxes of books (with another four boxes following me to WI). It felt good to get rid of some of that stuff and to purge myself of stacks of 3x5 cards on which my undergrad thesis was outlined.

And now I'm packing. Anyone in the Chicago region want an unopened bread machine?

[Greetings to everyone from La Crosse who has wandered over for a read!!]


Bob Kosovsky said...

Congratulations! May it lead to greater things!

And maybe they have an Access database or two that needs to get in shape. ;)

Ruth said...

Congrats, Hedgehog! Your knitting will do you well in Wisconsin *grin* best wishes and a safe move ahead! (And happy apartment hunting.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome! I'm sure Marty and Kelly are being helpful, but give a holler if I can do anything. --rochelle, info services manager, tinfoilraccoon.com

Abigail said...

Thank you! Thank you! I'm packing extra yarn and all my database know how (eep)

Very excited...

Rochelle--I did mention in my interview that they already had a raccoon and now they'd get a hedgehog!! :)