Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hedgehog Paraphenilia Part 2

I've been adding to the number of hedgehogs that I own. I just ebayed a couple of Wade Whimsie Hedgehogs. Wade Whimsies are really cute ceramic animal figurines. The first one has arrived--they're only about 2.5" long. So tiny! He fits in perfectly amongst some of the small figurines that I have hanging out on one of my shelves.

But then tonight, while actually searching for someone else, I did a CafePress search for Hedgehogs.

Great--how to ruin my checkbook.


Almost everything by this designer. Totally cute!
And for the holidays--I might have to get a few of these

So...when there is money again, after I buy books, food, and clothes, I think I'm going to get some cute postcards/notecards with Hedgehogs.

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Su said...

I've been collecting hedgehogs for years. I try and find the smallest little guys I can, but I have a few yard ones that are maybe 12 inches long. Never had a live one, but I watch em on you tube. I might start selling on ebay some of my duplicates . I'm glad there is at least one other person out there that loves the look of these adorable creatures. Su