Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kindle: Someone Else's Impressions

I still take issue with the fact that it's white, $400, and won't coordinate with anything in my wardrobe.

Rochelle has taken a serious look at the Kindle as an eReader and as a potential library tool.

Her initial glee
Finding out we're not supposed to circulate it
Why she doesn't see it useful for libraries

Summary: for personal use, so far not bad beyond the price--for libraries, not so much.

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Jennie said...

I've already had palpitations about ANY eReader turning up in my library.
I work for a law firm. Lawyers are not know for their meek, undemanding ways. Here's how the 'lets get eReaders for the Library' story will go in a commercial law firm library.

If one solicitor gets one, they'll all want one, because they're expensive, so only important people will get one...but they're ALL important, right?!
And then they'll all want their own copy of each eBook, so they can take it everywhere and show how important they are there too. Sharing is for lesser mortals.
We'll have licensing agreements from hell, and guaranteed there'll be no / negligible discount for multiple copies.
And then me and my boss will have a synchronised nervous breakdown about the budget, which rapidly becomes more of a concept than a reality.

Of course, anything wrong with it will also be our fault, we'll have to become some sort of eReader IT support...HELP!!!