Friday, January 18, 2008

Opening Boxes of Yarn; Learning I'm Occasionally Crazy

So, I might have gone a little crazy at the beginning of the year with a couple of yarn sales. It has not yet required an intervention and I seem to have gotten through the worst of it--but obviously I was in some kind of post holiday odd spree.

I'm a blue/green/purple/black kind of girl when it comes to most knitted things. Well--actually when it comes to most things. Most of my clothes are sorted by color and at a glance you'll see a lot of neutrals with healthy doses of blue/green/purple thrown in (especially in the sweater category). This will come into importance in a moment.

The many skeins of super wash wool that arrived yesterday are justifiable. I have this a barter deal going on with a massage therapist and fingerless mitts. See? Totally justifiable.

Today was a different story though. The cone of "melon" cotton is a baby weight and I can make it into a nice light blanket that will be very washable and get ever softer over time. Pencil this one in for one of the babies due this year--I hope. The lace weight Malabrigo in varying shades of forest green? That's going to turn into something amazingly beautiful, take me millions of hours to knit, and I am completely in love with this yarn. It's also incredibly hard to get--I only know of one place that carries it and they're almost sold out right now. Fortunately, my usual Lady of Malabrigo tells me she's getting a lot in soon. It's an amazing hobby when approximately $20 provides me with nearly a thousand yards of yarn, weeks of potential knitting enjoyment and a gorgeous something at the end.

And then there was the yarn causing my first stunned reaction when I opened the box. Seriously: what kind of delusion was I having the day I bought 5 skeins of 100% super wash wool in a color that can only be described as "WOW-bright!" and 'geranium' cashmere/cotton (which feels totally yummy--btw). I checked the site and apparently my monitor just doesn't convey the full glory of how ....vibrant this yarn is. It's pink, at least I think so. I have rather yellow lighting here and I'm not altogether sure that it's not peachy/orange. Hopefully I can decide tomorrow in overcast daylight. Again, it's recommended for baby and children's clothing--so I must have thought it would be good for one of the babies. I wasn't planning on blinding them though....

But wow bright pink and geranium? (The latter btw is a peachy/pink geranium color--very appropriately named.) Proof yet again, I shouldn't yarn shop alone.

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