Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Annoying Crafty Person... is me.

I realized that I've become the annoying crafty person. You know, the one who shows up before Christmas with handmade gifts and 98% of their Christmas shopping done (except a small purchase that I have to do for Member-of-the-Family-Who-Shall-Be-Unnamed-in-this-Post).

I knitted washcloths for a dozen coworkers, paired with a scented goat's milk soap. This is not to be taken as a suggestion about said coworkers--which occurred to me at one point. (Can't you just see me--eight washcloths into this going "What if someone takes offense and thinks I mean they don't wash often enough?")

In my defense, M finished her Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, I cast on a late Christmas idea that definitely won't be done before I see the recipient and a lot of my holiday "shopping" involved some quality time between me and the Amazon site. And then there's my apartment: which might look like a small crafting tornado erupted in it.

There was also some stress-induced creative language at my apartment when I announced I would never try various washcloth patterns again and when I was faced with yet another evening of cotton yarn. There was also washcloth knitting right up until last night as I procrastinated until the very last day that I would see the majority of my coworkers before Christmas.

So I can't do it all but I did at least get the washcloths done.

I'm going back to wool now until July. And next year I may try to avoid knitting for people. Maybe.


Jennie said...

Other than handmade cards for 50+ peeps, I gave up on crafty gifts made by me, and resorted to Etsy...I love that place!!

Meanwhile, I'm expecting the usual assault of Festive-gifts-that-imply-you're unclean, need-more-flattering-lighting, and-your-skin-is-very-dry ...last years haul included 2 lots of bath bombs, multiple moisturisers, and loads of candles... ;-)

But seriously, any handmade gift is ALWAYS a winner - you have nothing more precious than time, and to spend it making something for someone...well, who wouldn't be thrilled to get that?

Hedgehog Librarian said...

Yes, serious Hooray's for Etsy--they help me get in touch with even MORE yarn people.

I LOVE your description of the "usual gifts appropriate for a female." I just know that now I'm going to hear that at some point while unwrapping/exchanging and burst into completely unexpected laughter.