Monday, December 17, 2007

The Year in Sentences

Ladies and gentlemen I'm getting this not-a-meme from Walt Crawford. That's right--you heard it here.


So according to Walt, I'm supposed to take the first sentence from the first post of each month for the year. Reviewing from being a freelancing girl who kept the rest of the bills paid by ushing, getting a library job that was quite the challenge and then relocating, yet again. It's been busy!

January: Happy 2007! Another year gone and I'm going to be misdating my checks for a while.

February: This sounds very easy and a good way to nominate a public librarian who has had a big influence in your life.

March:I was directed via one of my listservs to a new social network: Library 2.0 as created by Bill Drew.

April: A couple of weeks back I sent a note to Lynn Johnston, the creator of For Better or For Worse.

May: There will hopefully be a few new eyeballs on the blog this week due to an inservice that I attended today.

June: As I sit here and try to write about my last job hunt (relocating from NYC to CHI) and the evil world of cover letters, a friend reminded me of this outrageous college application.

July: If it weren't enough to be totally in love with LibraryThing (see my sidebar on my blog if you usually just read via RSS), I also recently bought a CueCat.

August: So technically I have two more days of wrap up and then a month of cleaning up and out and filing paperwork on every book that every child ever read ever.

September: Sorry I'm running a day behind.

If you happened to be on Clark Street this evening the little hedgehog flying north on the back of the shiny new motorcycle was me.

November: It's November 1--somehow, amazingly, and it's time for NaNoWriMo.

December: It’s taking a lot of yarn these days to keep me going. least October sounded like a good month :)
Don't make me ush you....I will require that you remain in your seat until all actors have left the stage and you are not in danger of being run over by a tall Canadian (or New Yorker--depends on the aisle) with a sword.

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