Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Wishes

Just a moment to reflect gratefully upon a year with many changes, blessings and a wonderful family and friends. May you have a safe and happy Christmas and, for those of you traveling, honk if you see me speeding-- and get home safely.

(Alternative Christmas Title du Jour: "Oh Tannenbaum" --> "Yo, Pine")


Jennie said...

In honour of the festive season, I shall hereby list the collected gift of an Advent Swap, a December birthday, and Christmas time, in the ‘you smell, and need better lighting’ category:

2 wash cloths in the shape of cup cakes
A set of 8 fizzing bath bombs
A set of Aroma Spice (the little known, ‘lost’ Spice Girl) handwash, bath elixir and shower essence (oh no, no bag-standard concoctions for me, it’s elixirs and essences all the way baby!!)
A rose, geranium and ylang ylang bath soak and shower wash set
A bubble bar slice and soap
A mini mint scented Yankee candle
A set of 2 bath bombs and a cat shaped face cloth (ok, ok, I’m getting the picture, you all hate my face!)
A citrus mint air freshener (what, even the air around me smells now?!)
A car air freshener (obviously my personal stench is worse in confined spaces)
A tinned ‘Relax’ candle (I’m only stressed cos people keep giving me these hints!!)
A tealight sized candle (acceptable, as it came with a pamper set consisting of a choccie dipper, hot chocolate, and…wait…a strawberry face mask! Ok, ok, I get the point about my face – i.e. hide it…)
A raspberry and plum candle
A raspberry and plum oatmeal face soap (not only do I smell, but I need to buff my face!?!?)
Raspberry and plum body lotion (yup, slather that on, cos obviously I’m looking like a dried out mummy…)
A Yankee Candle burner and 7 tarts….

In light of these subtle hints, I intend to spend the next year locked in a small hut in a remote jungle, wrapped head-to-toe in cotton impregnated with intensive moisturisers, and only venturing out at night to rub my face on some rocks to improve its texture…it’s for the good of society.


Jennie said...

Oh wait, I forgot the old lady lavender gift set - body lotion and bath stuff....I'm going to save it for another 40 years until I can really get the benefit of smelling like an old lady....

Hedgehog Librarian said...

Quite the hint the coworkers are leaving!! And here I only got two candles and a singular washcloth--albeit said washcloth has an elephant on it.

Sounds like a lovely collection